Epic.  Iconic.  Historic.
A state-of-the-art, world-class luxury publication chronicling the PGA TOUR® created by Vault Media Group’s inimitable and award-winning designers, photographers, and writers. 

Celebrating Greatness

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The unprecedented publication is a masterpiece of timeless images and sharp writing. It also serves as a coffee table connector to a digital treasure of PGA TOUR®content that spans from historic, to legendary, to contemporary.

Award Winning Talent from the industries of Sports, Entertainment and Media.

We Celebrate Greatness

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Coming out just in time for the holidays, this celebratory journey of the PGA TOUR® is the ultimate gift for the golf fan, player and collector.

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The PGA TOUR® Vault Experience

The PGA TOUR® Vault is a modern work of art that features more than 1500 beautifully curated, high-resolution images along with unique digital elements, brought to life by embedded triggers.  More than half of the images and content have not previously been published.